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I can't even get past the axioms of COMP. They just don’t hold unless I delude myself that the universe is driven by some mechanism implementing the underlying 'ruleness' we observe.

I don't think so at all. If comp is true then there is no primitive Universe at all, and observable reality is, a priori, not computable (I mean turing-emulable). This is obvious if you follow the Universal Dovetailer Argument, so I will not explain, and I will just refer you to my URL). 

Understanding consciousness is my goal and playing around with human generated symbols symbols seems to be diverting good thinking away from the thing that is actually responsible for consciousness - the natural world.

Only if comp is false, but that is coherent with what you say above. Indeed with comp you need to explain the belief in a "natural world" from an average of machine first person point of view. Good for me because I am searching what the "natural world" is and where it comes from.


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