Hi Georges,

if you start from OMs as basic, then a branch is a set of  OMs (only 
"consistent"/ordered set ?). Then it means a branch is unique. Some part of 
different branches could overlap, but as I don't understand what could be an 
absolute measure (meaning it never change and is fixed forever) between all 
branches, I don't see how to assert the measure of a branch... Also viewing 
from this point each 1st pov "lives" in its own branch (as a branch is an 
ordered set of OMs which in turn is associated to a 1st person).


Le Jeudi 8 Décembre 2005 22:21, George Levy a écrit :
> Bruno Marchal wrote:
> > Le 05-déc.-05, à 02:46, Saibal Mitra a écrit :
> >> I still think that if you double everything and then annihilate only the
> >> doubled person, the probability will be 1.
> >
> > Actually I agree with this.
> So far we have been talking about splitting universes and people. Let's
> consider the case where two branches of the universe merge. In other
> words, two different paths eventually happen to become identical - Of
> course when this happens all their branching futures also become
> identical. Would you say that such a double branch has double the
> measure of a single branch even though the two branches are totally
> indistinguishable? How can you possibly assert that any branch is
> single, double, or a bundle composed of any number of identical
> individual branches?
> George

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