Tom Caylor writes:

In response to Stathis' thought experiment, to speak of an experiment being "set up" in a certain way is to base probabilities on an "irrelevant" subset of the whole, at least if the multiverse hypothesis is true. In the Plenitude, there are an additional 10^100 copies still existing, when you say that 10^100 copies are being shut-down. Talking about these additional 10^100 copies is just as consistent as talking about the original 10^100 copies (even more consistent if you consider Bruno's statement about cul-de-sacs.

In the Plenitude, everything washes out to zero. And Bruno, I would even say that all consistent histories wash out to zero.

Doesn't this ignore the concept of measure in the multiverse? If I buy a lottery ticket there are an infinite number of versions of me who win and an infinite number of versions who lose, but in some sense there have to be "more" losers than winners, which is why I don't buy lottery tickets.

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