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You find yourself alone in a room with a light that alternates red/green with a period of one minute. A letter in the room informs you that every other minute, 10^100 copies of you are created and run in parallel for one minute, then shut down. The transition between the two states (low measure/ high measure) corresponds with the change in the colour of the light, and you task is to guess which colour corresponds to which state.

The problem is, whether the light is red or green, you could argue that you are vastly more likely to be sampled from the 10^100 group. You might decide to say that *both* red and green correspond to the larger group, because if you say this 10^100 copies in the multiverse will be correct and only one copy will be wrong. But clearly, this tyranny of the majority strategy brings you no closer to the truth. If you tossed a coin, at least you would have a 1/2 chance of being right.

Yes but this is due to the "shut down". (if I got correctly your experiment).The probabilities can be taken only on the stories without dead-ends, and I guess you consider the shut down as sort of "absolute annihilation". I know this is hard to believe, but apparently we are "conscious" only because we belong to a continuum of infinite never ending stories ...

I don't believe this, but then that's what the lobian machine's "guardian angel" G* says about that: true and strictly unbelievable.

Do you accept that your argument won't go through if the shut down are deleted?



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