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> >Two centuries ago, people weren't able to figure
> > out *how* complex living beings could have emerged
> from simple
> > and inert matter and they thought too that this
> was impossible
> > and that they had to choose another default
> "explanation".
> Two centuries ago people thought they could build
> perpetual motion
> machines
> and square the circle. There is no guarantee that
> things we cannot
> figure out now
> will be figured out in the future.
Pter, to 'figure out' that something which was an idea
in the past is not really among the presently existing
"all possible" cases - (right or wrong)
IS a valid way of "figuring out'. 
It still may be an insufficent basis for a decision. 
Postpone final judgement to the time when we achieved

Humbly yours

John M

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