Le 12-juil.-06, à 03:53, Jesse Mazer a écrit :

> Well, I don't think the world obeys mathematical laws because it is 
> causally
> interacting with platonic forms, any more than I think the world obeys 
> the
> law of noncontradiction because it is causally interacting with 
> platonic
> laws of logic. I would say ontology is about the most exhaustive 
> possible
> list of objective truths, and any entity referred to in this 
> exhaustive list
> of objectively true statements "exists" by definition.

Very well said Jesse. It is a very fundamental point.

Even Godel did not entirely understand this for a time, and has been, 
at some moment of its intellectual life, tempted by the idea that 
mathematician could have a sort sixth sense letting them to apprehend 
"physically" platonist truth. But this can be related to its non-comp 
earlier temptation. Eventually Godel will see the point: 
physicalisation of platonia makes the relation between math and physics 
still more impalatable.
In plato it is more simple: the "heaven" is the *intelligible in 
principle* realm of forms, and with Plotinus, this is extended up to 
the border of the non-intelligible called evil, transcendental 
obscurity or ... matter.
This (advanced) remark could help for the arithmetical interpretation 
of the Plotinian hypostases.



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