Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> Hi,
> 1Z wrote:
> > I will take the stuff that seems solid to me as primary reality until
> > demostrated
> > otherwise.
> This was not the point... the point was to make you understand that
> Bruno has proved that *IF* computationalism is true *THEN* primary
> reality does not exists ! It even doesn't mean anything in this
> context.

And the point of my various comments is that what he
has actualy shown is that IF computationalism is true
AND ontologicial Platonism is true AND if the HP prolbem
can be solved AND the appearance-of-time problem can be
solved AND if there is nothing more to consciousness
than cognition AND occam's razor still applies in
Paltonia THEN materialism is an unnecessary hypothesis.

> So the point is not that you accept or not computationalism and
> stuffy/not stuffy stuff... It is just that if you accept
> computationalism you cannot accept a primary reality... If you do not
> (as it seems) then it's normal, but you cannot claim computationalism
> at the same time, Bruno proved that it is not compatible.

Bruno-computationalism is standard computationalism+platonism.
Since I reject platomnism, I reject Bruno-computationalism
(whilst having rather less problem with the standard computational
thesis, that "cognition is computation").

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