Le Mercredi 12 Juillet 2006 23:54, 1Z a écrit :
> Bruno-computationalism is standard computationalism+platonism.
> Since I reject platomnism, I reject Bruno-computationalism
> (whilst having rather less problem with the standard computational
> thesis, that "cognition is computation").

If computationalism is true then platonism must also be true.

Because if you were in a "simulation" and you have managed to get out of it, 
how can you know you have reach the bottom level of reality (ie: the material 
world then) ? How can you know the new real world you are now in is the real 
world and not another simulation ? It is the turtle on the turtle on the 
turtle... Even if you take "standard computational thesis", then by the 
reasoning upper you must reject a bottom level real... ie: a material world, 
a stuffy world... every reality is stuffy and real (from the inside).


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