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> It is really the key to understand that if my 3-person I is a machine, 
> then the I, (the 1-person I) is not! This can be used to explain why 
> the 1-person is solipsist, although the 1-person does not need to be 
> doctrinaire about that (fortunately enough).
> Bruno
> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/

I think this comment is most interesting, and perhaps you are finally
laying to rest my confusion. By 3-person, we really mean my extended
brain, which is quantum mechanically dstributed across the Multiverse
(see previous comments to Stathis et al.) By 1-person, we mean the
projection of ourselves that we are (self-) aware of. This includes
that lump of grey porridge we call a brain.

The 3 person could be something relatively complex like a computer,
but it could just as easily be Stathis's rock actually. What matters
is the 1-person, which is inherently non-computable.

If I can just see why the anthropic principle follows in an obvious way
from this, I'll be even happier!


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