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> Russell Standish wrote:
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> > Most ensemble theories of everything would postulate that all possible
> > observer moments are already "there" in the ensemble. This is
> > certainly true of my construction, as Bruno's and Deutsch's
> > Multiverse. It is debatable in Schmidhuber's though, as he seems to
> > have some notion of time that his "Great Programmer" lives in.  I'm
> > not sure what the status of Tegmark's ensemble is, but I doubt there
> > is any external temporality in that.
> >
> > I suspect in that case you would disagree with most of the ensemble
> > theories discussed here then.
> Right.  The Multiverse does exist but it's just a bunch of meaningless
> Shannon information.  It is actually quite trival to see that the
> observer moments can't be fully inside that ensemble.  An 'Observer
> moment' is a *cognitve interpretation* or *meaning* which is ascribed
> to the Shannon information in the ensemble and this meaning is not a
> fixed pre-existing thing.

The Multiverse is defined as the set of consistent histories described
by the Schroedinger equation. I make the identification that a quantum
state is an observer moment, and the set of consistent quantum
histories is the set of observer histories. As such all observer
moments are in the Multiverse.

But I appreciate this is not a widely held interpretation...

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