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> All the anthropic reasoning stuff is bunk in my opinion.  It's based on
> the faulty idea that one can reason about consciousness by equating
> observer moments with parts of the block universe.  But as I suggest
> above, you can't do this.

I'm not entirely sure what to make of what you say here, except that
it seems to be a criticism of the ASSA (that each observer moment is
selected independently of any other from an absolute measure distribution).

> Bostrom's writings appear to grant validity to anthropic reasoning
> (which I think is bunk) and also appear to identify consciousness
> (sentient observer-moments) with pre-existing computations in the
> block-universe.  As I suggested above, consciousness is not reducible
> to physical processes and this is what invalidates anthropic reasoning.

Not all anthropic reasoning maps consciousness to specific physical processes...

> um.... now why does your sig say 'professor Russell Standish',
> Mathematics with a academic address given? ;)

Its an adjunct position, which mainly means they don't pay me
anything, or give me an office. The main advantages for me are access
to a uni library (and more importantly the electronic journal subscriptions),
and access to supercomputers for running simulations (I still have to
apply, but it doesn't cost me anything). The main advantage to the
school is some credit for my publications (which is worth real money)!


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