Bruno Marchal wrote:

> Le 26-oct.-06, à 17:52, 1Z a écrit :
> > No, I am just asking. I have even
> > come up with formulations like "real in the sense
> > that I am real" which avoid begging any questions about what
> > kind of reality I have.
> Ah OK. I guess that is the RITSIAR. I let you know that:
> 1) I agree matter exists like my third person body exists (that is not
> primitively with comp)
> 2) My first person "I" exist like the unameable truth (assuming
> *informally* I am a consistent lobian machine).

The question is how any of these machines exist.

> So it is important to distinguish 1-Ritsiar and 3-ritsiar. Perhaps just
> wait a bit when I will explain the math of the 1 and 3 pov
> (hypostases).

No. I (still) want to know where the UD is running.

> Bruno

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