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> Principally I mean "in the physical universe, or in Plato's heaven".
> Bruno always sounds like a Platonist, but he keeps denying he is one.

Quite the contrary. I vindicate that I am even a plotinist, or a 
neoplatonist if you prefer.
I just don't share your naive view of platonia, so I avoid that term 
with you.

In any case such a terminological debate is entirely useless. Tom 
Caylor has provided enough good answer on that point: to ask where the 
UD lives is a category error. Numbers, prgram and mathematical 
structure does not lives in any place except metaphorically. Actually 
physicist borrowed the notion of space to mathematician to get some 
sharable notion of "where and when", but of course those spaces cannot 
be ascribed to a place themselves, or, again only in some metaphorical 
sense, like saying that such space lives in the category of sets, or in 
a model of ZF, etc.



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