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> Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> Le 26-oct.-06, à 18:02, 1Z a écrit :
>>> Measure is a lot more difficult in MMW. It has to be
>>> deprived by apriori necessity. Do you have
>>> a solution?
>> A good candidate for apriori necessity (and possibility) is 
>> provability
>> (and conssitency) by a lobian machine.
>> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/
> Are Lobian machines apriori necessary themselves ?.

Lobian machines are apriori themselves in the same sense than numbers 
and their effective relations are a priori themselves. So a strict 
answer is NO. Since Dedekind-Godel we know that we cannot prove the 
existence of numbers from pure logic. That is why such things as Peano 
Arithmetic exists.
But the answer is "YES" once we postulated the existence of numbers, 
like Peano Arithmetic does.

Note that all self-referentially correct classical machine are lobian.



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