Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 26-oct.-06, à 23:35, 1Z a écrit :
> > Mathematical logic can't conjure up existential conclusions
> > without making existential assumptions.
> If Aristotle was right on the question of the existence of some
> physical or natural *primary* matter, then indeed mathematical logic
> wouldn't conjure up its existence.
> Actually, as I have just said, mathematical logic cannot even conjure
> up the existence of numbers.
> That is why I explicitly assume the existence of numbers,

You assume the mathematical existence, and you
assume mathematical existence is real, ontological
existence (and no, I don't mean physical existence
by that). The first assumption is mathematically legitimate,
the second is philosophical and just as open to doubt as

> through RA or
> PA axioms when I interview the machine, or by accepting the independent
> truth of arithmetical statements, like in UDA.
> Bruno

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