David Nyman wrote:
> 1Z wrote:
> > > > Where are these machines?
> > >
> > >
> > > Where the numbers are.
> >
> > Which is...? Presumably the answer is not
> > "on blackboards" or "in the minds of mathematicians".
> >
> > Apparently its not a "magical realm" either.
> Peter, when you said that the physical might be 'relations all the way
> down', and I asked you what would you find if you went 'all the way
> down', you replied 'primary matter'. IOW, you posit primary matter as a
> 'bare substrate' to which are attached whatever properties theory or
> experiment may suggest. Consequently, isn't it the case that you are
> defining this 'bare substrate' (which by posit has no properties of its
> own) as whatever-it-is that is RITSIAR (i.e. you might say that it's
> what exists)?

RITSIAR is supposed to be a free variable. Thus
"RITSIAR = material existence" is a substantive, non-tautologous claim,
as is
"RITSIAR = Platonic existence"

(Compare with "I"
in "I am in Sussex"
"I am in Sierra Leone"

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