Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 29-nov.-06, à 05:57, Tom Caylor a écrit :
>> However, from the birth of modern science, we have taken a journey to
>> dispense with any kind of faith
> Let us define "faith" by belief in unproved or unprovable truth. The 
> idea that science dispense with faith is a myth. A lot of physicists 
> have faith in a primitive physical reality (I lost *that* faith unless 
> you enlarge the sense of "physics").

This is a somewhat idiosyncratic definition of "faith".  It makes my belief 
that I'm married to a woman named Marsha a matter of faith, since that is 
unprovable in the logical or mathematical sense of proof.  On the other hand if 
you accept the commonsense or legal standard of proof, then belief in physical 
reality is very well proven.

I'd say let us continue to define "faith" as a belief in the absence of 
evidence or contrary to the weight of evidence. All that is needed to pursue 
comp and AR is an hypothesis - not a belief.

Brent Meeker

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