Hi Bruno:

I was using some of the main components of my 
model to indicate that it allows white rabbits of 
all degree.  Any succession of states is 
allowed.  If the presence of SAS in certain 
successions requires a certain family of white 
rabbit distributions then these distributions are present.

Hal Ruhl

At 04:23 AM 2/9/2007, you wrote:

>Le 07-févr.-07, à 02:45, Hal Ruhl a écrit :
> >  Given an uncountably infinite number of objects generated from a
> > countably infinite list of properties and an uncountably infinite
> > number of UD's in the metaphor I can not see an issue with this re my
> > model.  As I said above "Our World" can be as precisely as random as
> > it needs to be.
>I don't understand.

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