your starting the argument: "IF" the M-W-I(dea) is valid, it it seems to 
imply"...which is a bit shaky (what if not?) - the "law-like" is a breakable 
compromise between confro nting arguments. Do I read some denigration of the 
White Rabbit? (coming from a wide interpretation of "all possible")
Now to the meat of it: 
have you ever tried to outline the 'mind' of the early hiominid to survive? 
Before Immanuel Kant and even the Mother Goddess? Maybe with some notion of the 
most advanced and best weaponry 'ever': the hand--ax? or the 'mind' of an 
Just asking questions in extension of ourselves.


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  SP wrote to BM:
  How so?  The Many Worlds idea seems to imply that you survive no matter what. 
The consequences of natural selection obtain only within worlds which are 
law-like - and we're back to the white rabbit problem. 

  You survive if a sufficiently close analogue of your mind survives. This can 
theoretically happen in many ways other than the obvious one (survival of your 
physical body): in parallel worlds, in a distant part of our own world if it is 
infinite in extent, in the Turing machine at the end of time. The white rabbit 
universes are a problem: since we don't observe them, maybe these theories are 
wrong, or maybe there is some other reason why we don't observe them. 

  Stathis Papaioannou

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