Le 06-mars-07, à 07:44, Mohsen Ravanbakhsh a écrit :

> Thank you for welcoming me Mark,
> I agree with you about the problem with the concept of entropy, but 
> not all your points. Actually I like this hypothesis, and as Bruno put 
> it we might be able to describe the Why question about physical laws, 
> which is very interesting.
> 4) There exist a universal dovetailer (consequence of Church thesis,
> but we could drop Church thesis and define comp in term of turing
> machine instead).
> 5) Never underestimate the dumbness of the universal dovetailer: not
> only it generates all computational histories, but it generates them
> all infinitely often, + all variations, + all "real" oracles (and those
> oracles are uncountable).
> Let me know where's my mistake:
> 1.We are referring to one (actually an infinitely long sub-sequence of 
> that) history of such universal dovetailer, as some state of our 
> world.

I don't think so. Worlds or world-views emerge globally from UD* (UD's 

> 2.Because that machine is a TM, a history has to be countable, 
> regardless of compression or expansion of time to allow infinite 
> power.

Not really. An history can be revised infinitely often so that our 
first person historical point of view could be infinite and even 

> 3.So we're referring to some state of our universe as a countable one.

Like many, especially in the recent posts, forget the points of view 

> 4.A universal state is not countable.

Probably false from a 3 person view. Probably true from 1 person view.

> Every time a bit is sampled, the Multiverse branches
> with the observed bit being 0 or 1 depending on your branch. If you
>  were to continue for an infinite amount of time, each observer will
> have observed a real number. However after any finite amount of time,
> all the observers have are rational approximations to real numbers.
> But we're talking about uncountability of information necessary to 
> represent instantaneous state of a universe, not about the 
> uncountability of possible universes. (Maybe I didn't get your point)
> What you are saying just proves that we have uncountable number of 
> universes.

With comp, this arguably follows indeed.



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