Brent: 'doesn't mean Sherlock Holmes exists in some Platonic
realm ...'

MP: For those who occasionally like a clever and entertaining
read unencumbered by deep social comment can I recommend the
adventures of Ms Thursday Next in 'The Eyre Affair' a novel by
Jasper FForde, and in the sequels, the names of which I have
forgotten at the moment. The author shows what could happen if
Platonia started really getting out of hand.


Mark Peaty  CDES



Brent Meeker wrote:
> Mohsen Ravanbakhsh wrote:
>> /All actual measurements yield rational values.  Using real
>>  numbers in the equations of physics is probably merely a 
>> convenience (since calculus is easier than finite 
>> differences).  There is no evidence that defining an 
>> instantaneous state requires uncountable information. /
>> What about the realizability of mathematical concepts. Real
>>  numbers are mathematical, so they should have a
>> counterpart in real world.
> Why?  "Mathematical" means nothing but not 
> self-contradictory.  Sherlock Holmes stories are 
> mathematical.  That doesn't mean Sherlock Holmes exists in 
> some Platonic realm.
> Brent Meeker
> > 

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