John M skrev:
I looked at your paper, interesting.
One question:
what do you mean by "exist"
(Notably: "does NOT exist)?
We think about it (no matter in how vague terms and weak understanding), we talk about it, our mind has a place in our thinking for that term, - does this not suffice for (in a WIDER??? meaning) existence?
When human beings think of "infinity", they think of a *very* big set, where the end of the set is hidden in a big black cloud, far, far away.  In that way they can say that you have a mapping of the set onto a true subset of the set, because they only see the visible part of the set, and there it is true that there is such a mapping there.  But what happens inside the cloud they don't see.  They don't see that there are mappings missing in the end of the set...

Torgny Tholerus

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