Le 08-juin-07, à 18:39, Jef Allbright a écrit :

> While I would point out that physics cannot possibly explain
> everything, being a necessarily constrained subjective model of
> "reality", I would like to reinforce the point about "consciousness."
> Consciousness certainly exists, as a description relating a set of
> observations having to do with subjective awareness, but there is
> nothing requiring that we assign it the status of an ontological
> entity.

The importance of being precise! Now I agree with you, although I did 
disagree with your answer to Torgny.
BTW distinguishing subjective awareness  and consciousness is a 
1004-fallacy ... at this stage.

Also, to say that consciousness exists as a description could be 
misleading. It could exist as a phenomenon.
I don't believe that people in this list would take consciousness as a 
primary reality, except perhaps those who singles out the third 
"universal soul" hypostasis (the first person, alias the one described 
by Bp & p in the lobian interview) like George Levy, David, etc.

With comp neither matter nor mind can be taken as primitive or primary 



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