On Friday 08 June 2007 17:37:06 Torgny Tholerus wrote:
> Quentin Anciaux skrev:
> > Beside, I don't see how denying "consciousness" answer the problem...
> > Redefining terms does not make the problem goes away.
> What is the problem?
> If a computer behaves as if it knows anything, what is the problem with
> that?  That type of behaviour increases the probability for the computer
> to survive, so the natural selection will favour that type of behaviour.

I claim that if it behaves as if, then it means it has consciousness... 
Philosophical zombie (which is what it is all about) are not possible... If 
it is impossible to discern it with what we define as conscious (and when I 
say impossible, I mean there exists no test that can show between the 
presuposed zombie and a conscious being a difference of behavior) then there 
is no point whatsover you can say to prove that one is conscious and one is 
not. Either both are conscious or both aren't... While you say you're not 
conscious... I am, therefore you're conscious.


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