>3PV observation and analysis _may_ eventually turn up with objective
>criteria that establish universally consistent and reliable
>correlation between certain brain processes and certain reported
>phenomenal experiences

Of course.  It appears from all scientific evidence that phenomenal
experiences are completely dependent upon physical processes.  But
this does *not* establish that phenomenal experiences are *identical*
to physical processes.  From the fact that phenomenal experiences
supervene upon physical processes, it does not follow that one is
reducible to the other.

I repeat:

(1) Phenomenal properties are mathematical properties.  Mathematical
properties are not human fictions, but are objectively real things,
since they are indispensable  for our explaantions of reality.

*Mathematical properties are about meaningful patterns (knowledge).
*Physical properties are about energy transfers.
*They are correlated but they're not the same thing.  They're as
different as milk and water.  And any-one who can't see this is

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