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> You will probably agree that there are some branches of the multiverse
> where you did indeed die five minutes ago, and perhaps people are
> standing around staring in shock at your dead body. And supposing that
> you had just had a narrow escape from a perilous situation, you might
> even consider that those branches where you died are of greater measure
> than those where you survived. That's basically all my analysis says,
> as far as normal life. The main novelty is what it has to say about
> exotic thought experiments like teleportation and resurrection.

Those branches where I have died (as opposed to those where I am about
to die) are of zero measure, while those where I have survived are of
non-zero measure. If you give the branches where I have died a vote
when calculating my measure, then why not give the branches where I
never existed a vote as well? I am dead almost everywhere in the

Stathis Papaioannou

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