Also single mind can be regarded as collection of parts interacting
with each other. If each part can be regarded as its information
content, each physical implementation ties together instantiations of
parts. If single mind can be implemented by multiple implementations,
each of these implementations also implements all parts of mind, so
mind can be composed of different parts, where each of the parts is
implemented in different universe. So, brain can be half- p-zombie and

On 10/1/07, Jason Resch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 4. All particles in the observable universe are interacting.  The neurons in
> our brain which instantiate thoughts are not closed loops, they are fed in
> with data from the senses, thoughts can be communicated between brains (as
> they are now when you read this post), my neural activity can affect your
> neural activity, there is only a longer and slower path connecting neurons
> between everyone's brain.  Think of a grid computer consisting of super
> computers connected with 14.4 Kbps modems, the bandwidth is not sufficient
> for transferring large amounts of data or the content of their hard drives
> in any reasonable time, but short and compressed information can still be
> shared.  If they are interacting as part of the same large state machine
> then minds are not islands, and it lends credence to their being a universal
> mind.
> Jason

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