Thanks Russell.

About the use of "asshole" I am afraid it is more popular, or vulgar,  
than I thought. You are very kind to tell me.
Should I use "dumb" instead? The idea consists in not attributing  
anything like intuition, intelligence, cleverness, etc. for the  
followers of unambiguous instructions. It will be clearer when I will  
give example of "universal language", but I really do not want to do  
that to much quickly, because a main point here is that we can get  
"rigorously" many incompleteness and unsolvability results on formal  
language and machine without using any specific machine or formal  
theory. This is a key for learning to separate the different level of  
reasoning we will have to do.
I hope you did not disturb too much the appetite of your mother's  
cousin's son  :)



Le 06-déc.-07, à 00:01, Russell Standish a écrit :

> On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 03:55:50PM +0100, Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> Hi David, Mirek, Tom, Barry and All,
> ...
>> The cardinality of the set of computable functions.
> Thanks for this post. I was in the position of trying to explain your
> work to someone (actually a son of my mother's cousin) at a dinner
> party a couple of weeks ago, and having explained Cantor's
> diagonalisation proof of the uncountability of the reals, I got to the
> point about computable functions being countable and got stuck. I just
> had to say "well its true, but I can't quite recall the proof!". Your
> exposition is eminently dinner-party standard, although I might use a
> different word than "asshole"!
> Cheers
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