Hi Bruno,

> The UDA, in english, can be found here:
> */The Origin of Physical Laws and Sensations/*, (Invited Talk SANE 2004).
> Click on that title, or copy the following in your browser:
> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/publications/SANE2004MARCHALAbstract.html
> (if you study it I would suggest you print the slider too, so that you 
> could perhaps tell me which step you would find hard to go through ....).

I have started reading this paper. Just a quick question.

At the first step of UDA it seems you restrict yourself to classical 
bits. That is fine. I can imagine that somebody deliberately read and 
cut my running computer so that the computer goes on with its job after 
being 'reincarnated' in Helsinky. Even the substitution level is more or 
less clear. Noise on transistors is definitely not important.

However, at the third step you mention quantum mechanics. It is not 
clear to me how would you classically teleport my quantum computer. What 
are the read & cut operations?

Yes, there exists a classical Turing machine which can simulate my 
quantum computer, but I am not giving the running simulator to you. I 
don't have it.

Please, make a short clarification about your framework. I might be just 
misinterpreting you. What is the page reference to Gruska's book?


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