Brent Meeker wrote:

> Actually it collapses before, see quant-ph/0402146 v1.  It is shown that
> in a Young's slit experiment with C70 buckyballs, the interference
> fringes disappear when the buckyballs are sufficiently heated to radiate
> some IR photons.  No observer is needed, only the interaction with the
> environment.

Decoherence doesn't defeat quantum uncertainty, it partially hides the
multiplicity of other worlds due to thermal connections of the
environment. It results inevitably in tracing any single history.
Decoherence is why Schrödinger placed the cat in a box, to isolate the
experiment from the external observer. The colleague walking in after
I have opened the box to observe the cat is also disconnected from the
experiment in my description. For them the room is the box.
Decoherence still applies to each history. It helps to remember that
where Schrödinger's cat paradox shows how the uncertainty of a single
electron can be amplified to produce widely diverse timelines,
normally the uncertainty of trillions upon trillions of microscopic
events entangle to construct a path of history. Decoherence is like
placing a mirror in with the cat, the cat doesn't see its own phase
space, each branching time line observes a near classical history,
while the global superposition of worlds exists beyond the realm of

> "Puppet" implies you are pulling the strings.  So can you bend the
> universe to your will?

I had previously implied a hand puppet, and I was considering the
implications of sampling the whole set of many worlds, as if they all
exist simultaneously, and in each proceeding moment we find ourselves
in one particular universe. This places in question the individuality
and will of "observed others" apart from the probabilistic selection
of the experienced world. The hand in the puppet is the universe
itself. I am undecided on if the observer can bend reality. I don't
rule such things out based on skepticism. An individual's will would
largely be a product of their personal history, and thus physical
events or states, so I do expect a considerable measure of
entanglement between the mind/brain and the environment.

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