> Sorry, yes you are a puppet, well perhaps the reader of this post
> isn't a puppet, but the responses I observe will be from puppets,
> while only real pilots are left to question if the set of possible
> pilots is more or less restricted than the spectrum of people a pilot
> experiences in the quantum world adjacent one's consciousness.

This is the question of why _I_ experience the world as I do and not the 
other worlds.

If one assumes MWI - or better (Bill's wording): Many Objects 
Interpretation, of course every person will split into many persons (as 
the quantum states in his body decohere).

So, we are all pilots _and_ puppets (I guess that was what you were 
saying) - depending from the point of view.

And that leads to the "measure" question: you will more likely 
experience worlds which have greater measure.

Is that what you are asking?


Günther Greindl
Department of Philosophy of Science
University of Vienna

Blog: http://dao.complexitystudies.org/
Site: http://www.complexitystudies.org

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