Hi Youness,

Le 31-août-07, à 09:40, Youness Ayaita wrote :

> Hello everyone.

You are welcome.

> My name's Youness Ayaita and currently I'm a graduate student of
> physics and mathematics at Heidelberg University, with special
> interests in the field of theoretical quantum physics and in the
> question how it comes to our specific laws of nature.
> In the beginning of the year 2003 (I was as a sixteen-year-old)
> philosophical considerations led me to the idea that possibly
> everything exists. Independently from everything that was said or
> written by others working on the issue, I went on developing my
> theories and found different justifications for the everything-
> hypothesis (some of which are substantially different from the
> mathematicalist approach or the motivation by information theory). In
> particular, I was interested in the implications of the everything-
> hypothesis for physics, or to be more precise, for the expected
> structure of the world that we experience. I asked the question
> whether it is even possible (in principle) to mathematically deduce
> properties of the physical world from the everything-hypothesis (if
> the answer is yes, then this could provide some kind of experimental
> test of the everything-hypothesis, making it falsifiable in a vague--
> though not exact--sense). In this context, I found several plausible
> arguments and I explored ideas how to capture mathematically the
> Everything.


> Until the end of the year 2005, I had no idea that other people were
> seriously working on the issue. But then, I read of David Lewis and
> bought his book "On the Plurality of Worlds".

A good one. Note that David Lewis has evolved on his critics of its 
erzatz world. Eventually he took those world seriously. I thionk he got 
the idea that universal machine cannot really distinguish erzats world 
and "real" worlds.

> Later, in 2006, I was
> interested in the philosophy of quantum physics and became a supporter
> of the Everett interpretation. I read recent publications by Wallace,
> Saunders, Zurek, Zeh, Deutsch, Tegmark and others.

Nice stuff.

> Yesterday I found this list. I am still surprised and pleased that my
> old ideas are also developed and discussed by others than myself.
> Since my thought is only little influenced by the literature, I hope
> that I will be able to give some new perspectives in future
> discussions.

Don't hesitate.




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