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> Three years of college, no degrees, no status. Left school and started
> writing, and authored three books about the existence and structure of
> all possible universes, including "Exploring A Many Worlds Universe"
> in 1997, arguing as the main theme in each book that our universe ends
> in finite time (est. 120 billion years in '94) as expansion stretches
> space perfectly flat, this causing time to end at a ground state of
> absolute zero. The books were legally copyrighted in '94, '96, and
> '97, all prior to 1998 when we discovered the expansion of the
> universe is in fact accelerating us towards absolute zero. When I
> wrote my first three books the mainstream of science considered a
> finite end of time at zero to be impossible, and today the third law
> still states it cannot happen, but old science often gets in the way
> of new science. The recent measurements of acceleration indicate the
> (phantom) dark energy density causing acceleration is increasing,
> which makes the big rip scenario the leading future candidate.
> Caldwell describes the possibility of time as ending at the "ultimate
> singularity" and Sean Carroll is stating "our universe ends as empty
> space" as if this is now obvious. I agree, but further state there is
> no zero or a beginning from nothing in our past, the ultimate zero
> exists only in our future. The universe has pronouncedly been
> expanding at zero since time began because zero is the ultimate "great
> attractor", the very cause of time. My prediction that time ends at
> zero was based upon a bounded model of all possible states, which also
> predicts structure or limitations of the greater multiverse. My fourth
> book, "Everything Forever: Learning to See Timelessness", explains the
> governing role a cosmic zero plays in the evolution of all universes
> and all life.
> Thoughts of late:
> I believe there necessarily is only one "pilot" observer in each
> universe or O-region. All third party observers in each pilot's
> experience are subject to quantum mechanical sampling. The members of
> this Everything-list from my particular experience are a probabilistic
> sampling of the ultimate whole of what is possible considering this
> scenario. Any feedback I receive will correspond to that same spectrum
> of what is possible, therein reflecting a sampling of personalities,
> knowledge, beliefs, responses, in accordance with what are most
> probably found in a scientific discussion group about many worlds. So
> am I the only real observer in this universe?
> The name of the movie escapes me where Dustin Hoffman uses a bed sheet
> to portray parts of a single unified universe. His hand moves from one
> place to another under the sheet, as he says this is the Eiffel tower,
> this is you, this is me, this is a tree. It is all just one universe
> he says, which suggests we are all just puppets of that universe. True
> at least until you consider how quantum mechanics breaks the universe
> up into discreet states, and even divides apart observers into
> separate universes.
> We can only converse with the puppets of a quantum mechanical
> universe. Pilots cannot communicate with one another, since observers
> cannot communicate independent of governing probabilities. The only
> saving grace is if all possible pilots and their O-regions exist, so
> real pilots at least correspond to the quantum puppets of an observers
> experience.
> Sorry, yes you are a puppet, well perhaps the reader of this post
> isn't a puppet, but the responses I observe will be from puppets,
> while only real pilots are left to question if the set of possible
> pilots is more or less restricted than the spectrum of people a pilot
> experiences in the quantum world adjacent one's consciousness.
> Are pilots and puppets identical and thus existentially the same?

Am I a pilot or a puppet?

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