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> Hi Marc,
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> > Hi guys,
> > Well, Bruno may be interested to know that I've finally come around to
> > COMP.
> OK.
> > I do now agree, everything emerges from mathematics.  Nevertheless,
> > the mathematical world does *appear* to seperate into three different
> > domains; *physical* (material), *teleological* (goal directed) and
> > *abstract math*, which *look* very different to each other.
> Sure. I would add psychology, theology, sociology, etc.

Well, perform a top-level decomposition of knowledge domains from the
most to the least general, and you can actuallly catch math in the act
of dividing into different knowledge domains.   It's true that any
such classification of reality is a mental construct, but this does
not mean that all classification schemes are equal...some are far more
useful than others and a careful decomposition of knowledge domains
results in a single unified scheme 'dropping out'.... mathematical
categories start to *decompose*, or *crystallize* into the reality we

Here's the beginning of my proposed decomposition (most abstract
first, moving down through the list you move down through the
knowledge hierarchy - so for example, Category Theory is most general,
it 'eats' Algebra, which in turn 'eats' Discrete Math and so on down
the list)


Category Theory - Calculus, Analysis, Number Theory, Peano Axioms, ZF-
Set Theory
Algebra-  Field, Group, Ring
Discrete Math - Algorithm, Cellular automation, Church-Turing,
Combinatoraics, Computability, Godel, Lob, Graph Theory, Iteration,
 Aesthetics - Beauty, Sublimity
Morality - Ethics, Social Contract, Utilarianism, Consequentalism
Virtue - Archetype, Virtue Ethics
Field Physics - Geometry, Standard Model, Trigonometry, Relativity
Mechanics - Classical Mechanics, Hamiltonian Models, Lagrangian
Digital Physics - Computational Complexity, P=NP, Kolmogorov



Reflective Reasoning - Analogy formation, Prototyping, Consciousness
Probability Theory - Bayes, Inductive Reasoning, Bayesian Networks
Symbolic Logic - Boolean Algebra, First-Order Logic, Predicate Logic,
Modal Logic
Communication - Emotion, Linguistics, Semantics, Semiotics
Decision Theory - Economics, Pareto Efficientcy, Game Theory, Utility
Psychology -  Developmental, Evolutionary, Social
Data Communications - Information Theory, Information Integration,
Global WorkSpace
Thermodynamics - Memory-Prediction Model, Memory, Neural Network,
0th-3rd Laws
Chemistry - Chemical Kinematics



Data Modeling / High Level - Ontology, Relational Databases, Semantic
Web, Lisp, Ruby
Software Architectures/ Mid Level  - Design Pattern, Object Oriented,
Operating Systems/Low Level  - Linux, Windows, DOS, C Programming
Sociology - Group, Role
Politics - Democracy, Humanism, Socialism, Libertarianism
Narrative Art - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Computer Games
Virtual Reality - HTML, XML, World Wide Web, Human-Computer
Interaction, GUI
Mechanical Engineering - Computer Engineering, Internet,
Telecommunications, Robotics
Solid State Physics - Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Electrical
Engineering, Circuits


Do you see how the original mathematical categories decompose and how
there's a neat knowledge hierarcy emerging?  All of these fields have
in some sense *emerged* purely from *mathematical categories*, and
each fits neatly in its rightful place.

As of 2008, only the people on the everything-list start to see
all ;)

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