Le 17-avr.-08, à 18:15, Günther Greindl a écrit :

> I read the Wikipedia of "The prestige" (too lazy to watch the movie ;-)
> and, yes, it's classical comp stuff *grin*
> What I would like to recommend to everybody on the list is Greg Egan's 
> book
> Permutation City

Yes that is a very good book. But with all my respect for Egan, it does 
not adds so much to Galouye. Egan should have taken some of his idea 
more seriously imo. And then I tell you without further explanation 
that "the prestige" is truly more. We can come back on this later.

> I can recommend everything by Egan - hard, no nonsense, mathematically
> informed SciFi (his page is here:
> http://gregegan.customer.netspace.net.au/
> he has good applets on his page also, check them out)
> In Permutation City, he explores personality duplication, platonic
> computation, "dust theory" of consciousness etc - an excellent,
> breathtaking book. Will transform your views, even if you have been
> thinking about these things for a long time.

I guess you know the book "Mind's I"? edited by Hofstadter and Dennett. 
Hofstadter and Dennett miss the comp indeterminacy, but yet it is a 
wonderful introduction to our topic too. Now "the prestige" not only 
don't miss the comp first person (or weakening) indeterminacy but he 
capture the correct proof of ....
Ah but I will not spoil the pleasure of those who want to guess what I 
mean by looking at the film.


If you want to survive, you have to die; and if you want to be 
immortal, you have to die infinitely often.

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