Saibal Mitra wrote:
> Yes, I should have mentioned ASSA and RSSA as discussed on this list in the
> dark ages.
> I don't buy QTI for quite a few reasons. A "model independent" objection I
> have is the following. If you accept QTI, then the information you have
> about your history will have to grow without limit (if not, then effectively
> you have a finite lifetime as you can only store a finite amount of
> information in a finite volume).
> Your identity must be preserved as your brain continues to expand to make
> room for all that informaton that must be stored. Now, I find it hard to
> believe that a superlarge brain the size of the galaxy would still be "me".
> :)
I had a good knockdown argument against this, but I forgot it.  :-)

Brent Meeker

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