> Your identity must be preserved as your brain continues to expand to make
> room for all that informaton that must be stored. Now, I find it hard to

Why should all the info be stored/your id. be preserved?
We constantly forget stuff - as you get older and older, you will forget 
past stuff, so that different past histories would be compatible with 
your present state - maybe something like the quantum erasure experiment 
can function as an analogue: if you erase all info about which path is 
taken, superposition is restored.

Same with brain: if you forget, many pasts will correspond to your 
present state. Your present state will be something like a narrow valve 
moving along a river - everything contained in the valve is "you", and 
the water flows through (water = events); but what is outside the "you" 
expands quite fast. You have no claim to a specific past which is not 
correlated with your brain state anymore.


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