Stathis Papaioannou wrote:

> I realise this coming close to regarding consciousness as akin to the
> religious notion of a disembodied soul. But what are the alternatives?
> As I see it, if we don't discard computationalism the only alternative
> is to deny that consciousness exists at all, which seems to me
> incoherent.


But the differences are so enormous that one is again very far from 
religion. In religion, the soul is an "essence" of a person interfacing 
with a material body and usually exposed to some kind of judgement in an 

With COMP the "soul" - better: mind - is all there is - no material 
world, no essence, no judgements, just COMP. And it "supervenes" on - 
better: is (inside/outside view) - computations (see UDA for details ;-)


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