Ok - Bruno, I will take this very slowly. You have a habit of saying  
10,000 fascinating things in one post and staggering me, so one at a  

On 10/12/2008, at 4:45 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Here, below, is the plan of my heroic attempt (indeed) to explain why
> I think that: IF we assume that we are machine,

Never understood what people meant by "a machine". I've always thought  
I was a machine. C'est evident. Consequently it surprises me when  
people question it. I'm surprised even that it took until Descartes to  
achieve this enlightenment although you will probably say that  
Plotinus was already onto it. Presumably anything that isn't some  
phantasm that defies the laws of physics - and therefore probably  
cannot exist - is going to be a machine of some sort.

Have I got anywhere near it or am I not even wrong on that?

Why should it be news to anyone that we are machines - I've been  
assuming it all along. Now you will tell me how I should be - what??  
Experiencing reality? Interpreting reality? Both?

Everything (appears to my conscious mind to be) an ensemble of  
something else(s) including moi et toi, and it all works somehow in co- 
operation and the universe exists - ergo we are machines - we can  
extrapolate from this that the universe is a gigantic Machine since we  
appear to be a part of an ensemble as a machine element. Ergo the  
Multiverse exists because it's all a fractal

What's the other option - that never made it into my brain?

Genial!! - allons-y



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