On 12 Dec 2008, at 23:38, ronaldheld wrote:

> Bruno:
>  I am uncertain that this was answered.
>  You are starting with mathematics,

Not really. I am starting with the "real world". I assume you have a  
brain disease and that your doctor proposed to you an artificial  
digital, supposedly material (at this stage)) brain. And I show (by a  
long reasoning which asks for some effort of course) the logical  
consequences of the assumption that you survive (in the usual Hospital  
sense of perfect surviving a medical operation) with it.

> and going to some Multiversal
> computation program? If there is no physical universe, what does the
> computer run on? With no energy, how are your thoughts being
> generated?

It is the point of all the reasoning to explain this. To help you to  
be patient I can say this (but justify it only later): the physical  
universe as we observe it will emerge from consciousness, which  
emerges from the computations, which emerge from the relation which  
exists among the natural numbers. The ontological theory of everything  
is just elementary arithmetic. The rest, including time space energy,  
will be explained as first person view that numbers develop relatively  
to each other.
Modestly, I show only it has to be so, once we assume comp. And I show  
a path for how to proceed, but there could be other path, as some  
suggest in the list. Once the path is completed we can compare the  
comp-physics with the empirical world, and , well, perhaps abandon  
comp if comp  is contradictory with the facts.


PS Note that quantum computation does not need energy to proceed, and  
this is actually a bit mysterious with respect to the comp hypothesis.  
READ and WRITE needs energy. I will not explain because this could  
generate confusion.


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