On 18/12/2008, at 5:51 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

> Gosh, Kim, don't tell me that you will enjoy the full UDA, because  
> this would, not doubt, trig in me a strong motivation for explaining  
> to you the arithmetical version of the UDA; that is; how to explain  
> the UDA to the universal machine, and then ask "her" what *she*  
> thinks about all that. (In french, for a machine,  you refer to  
> "herself", and I feel impolite to say "itself" (given what will  
> follow, and the fact that "itself" does not exist in french).

French-speakers are truly bizarre (well read "interestingly bizarre")

you think it's impolite to think of a machine as a sexless "it" (as in  
Anglais) -- yet you quite arbitrarily assign a feminine gender to the  
word!!! What's so feminine about a machine anyway? What if the machine  
is gay? "It" might fit

> The universal machine is not only the UD Dreamer (Robinson  
> Arithmetic, Combinators), in situations it can be the lucid dreamer  
> (Peano Arithmetic, Combinators+induction).

The machine computes the Everything. It can read and it can write,  
like any machine. But because everything by definition will take an  
infinite time to compute (just to buffer the file, let alone write it  
to disc) the machine must commence reading out the file before the  
full file is written. Hence "Dovetailer". The Dreamer gathers the  
information and assembles the file for the lucid dreamer who writes  
and reads (verifies) the file

├ža va, toi?

> The universal machine *is* the real surprise, eventually.  It is the  
> observable "white rabbit" that  I put clearly and publicly in the  
> hat. No magic.

The most magical thing of all is that there is no magic

> But to explain this I will have to explain to you some amount of  
> elementary math, and then some amount of computer science, and then  
> some amount of mathematical logic, and then,  just to be able to  
> illustrate or verify what the machine says about "matter", some  
> amount of quantum mechanics.

Just remember to take the mathematical part out of the maths. I will  
cope easily with the rest

> i have to help you to climb on the shoulders of Post, Godel, Lob,  
> Solovay, Matiyasevitch (among others): from there you will see that  
> the universal machine is (incredibly) creative; so much that she can  
> lose herself in its creations, but she can remember, also. Actually  
> she cannot not remember, eventually.

Sounds like you have been up there already. I guess you know what the  
view is like from there.

I'm climbing.



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