Hi Kim,

Still OK to continue? You are ready?

Let me sum up so far. I suggest you look at the UDA slide.

For those who don't have it, and want follow: it is the PDF slide of  
UDA[1 ... 8] in

In Kim 2.1 You agree with MEC =>"I survive" through teleportation. All  
right ? "MEC =>" means "Assuming MEC,"
It is the UDA step 1 of the slide. "The 1=3" on the right means the  
first and third person points of view (figured by "1" and "2" with  
points) are identical. (cf Kim has gone on Mars).

Kim 2.2 A delay is introduced, with and without "you" knowing the  
protocol. Imagine the reconstitutation machine on Mars did work but  
with a delay of one month. It is a situation where the first person  
experience remains unchanged (same account in the diary) where the  
third person account notice a change: the delay. You agree with this?  
That the first person cannot be aware, without external clues, of the  
presence and length of reconstitution delays? All right?

"Kim 2.3" was done through my reply to Abram. It is the self- 
duplication thought experiment. I want do it as slowly as possible,  
because it is a crucial step. So my first question, and second  
question are:

1) With a duplication you are scanned and annihilated, and then  
reconstitute in two places at once. For example in two identical room  
A and room B. . Do you agree that (MEC => I survive a duplication) ?  
Put in another way, do you agree that if one survive teleportation,  
then one can be said to survive in such a duplication.

... and 2) suppose that in both rooms I put, .... Hmmm... a glass of  
you favorite whisky (OK?). In both rooms. What do you answer if I ask  
you before that duplication experience, you knowing the protocol,  
"Will you drink alcohol after the duplication?". What would you say say?
2-variant): Same question with whisky in room A and gin in room B.

Perhaps you are in Holiday, take your time, you can ask any question,  
including new doubt about what precedes, or what follows, etc.

Anyone interested can ask any question or make any comment of course,




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