On 22 Jan 2009, at 13:21, Kim Jones wrote:

> Bruno,
> I found this an incredibly moving reply. I also see clearly your  
> points. I am glad to have given you an opportunity to state so  
> clearly some profoundly important ideas. Thank you, and let's  
> continue the voyage.

OK, thanks. ASAP (I am a bit busy).

> I am glad that Penrose was wrong.

I guess you mean you are glad that the "Godelian" argument against  
mechanism is wrong. Keep in mind science try to avoid wishful  
thinking, and be open to the idea that UDA could still lead to a  
refutation of comp.

> But then, without somebody as perceptive as Penrose being wrong  
> about things as important as this, your own light of understanding  
> could perhaps not shine so brightly.

I appreciate very much Penrose. At least he belongs to the very few  
aware of the "scientitic" mind-body problem, and he is very courageous  
to tackle it.

It helped also to make people realise how much logicians are living in  
a Ivory Tower, not knowing their (even old) work are not yet  
assimilated by the scientific community.

My understanding shining brightly?  (Don't abuse of illegal drugs too!).

> If we were in Japan, I would now bow very low to you.

Take care of your back.

> Have a wonderful day, sensei!

You too, other sensei. Have you find the time to take a look on  
UN-16---- UN-24 in


After all, you know some french, isn't it? Take it easy, I will  
explain all this to you, beginning from zero. Put the document above  
in a easily accessible place (virtual or real) so that I can point on  
the little drawings there.

Have a good week-end,



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