Le 18-janv.-09, à 11:32, Kim Jones a écrit :

> On 18/01/2009, at 4:38 PM, Brent Meeker wrote:
>>> I have no doubt that digital mechanism and materialism are
>>> incompatible,
>>> though.
>> Is that because, under materialism, consciousness depends on causal
>> links?
>> Brent
> supernatural causal links

All right, if you define "supernatural causal links" by the "natural" 
relation existing among "natural" numbers (or other finite things). 
Assuming comp, of course.

That "natural supernatural" is really "super" in the sense that, as a 
machine or number, we cannot prove or known all the relations from 
which physics and nature emerge or supervene on.

Kim, (and others) are you OK with the first person indeterminacy issue? 
Are you ok that, from a first person point of view, throwing a coin and 
self-duplication are identical or isomorphic experience?
And, do you agree that introducing delays does not change the 
expectations (the probabilities, or the credibilities) used for the 
first person indeterminacy?

Take all you time, but if you can ask some question, it will help me to 
prepare the answer. If UDA1..6 is well understood, meaning that there 
is no more question, I will try to imagine a way to explain step 7, and 
this without getting in the mathematical details (if that is possible).

I know that sometimes, things can seems so incomprehensible that people 
cannot even ask any question. In that case, tell me know that it is too 
much incomprehensible, and it will be my duty to make things even more 
clearer .... until the "ah ah" (meaning "I understand or I have find an 



> enter the hand wavers
> Kim
> >

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