thanks for 4z1, I find it an exciting (although not in all details for me
followable text) in beautiful French (your language!) which I have to
pronounce (silently) to understand (mostly) and did not study all along so
far. Also the supporting lit is remarkable - it was decades ago when I wrote
a publication with such 'umfangreich' lit-background.
I store both the pdf (drawings) and a compacted text-only version - easier
to read.

I still feel that the position(s) in it (mostly lit.) represent some
oriented (partial) views vs. my prefered totality-view (which however is
more than what I can presently express in a fully 'scientific' requirement.
I only 'think' and 'feel' in it).  As we talked about it (pro and con) on
this list many times, a 'quantized' view is an extract of the total that
contains the non-quantizable aspects as well. I assign the 'number-base' to
the former and the 'hazy' remark that "many" integers express them all does
not convince me to the opposite. Of course I could not read (and study) ALL
your posts...

I don't want to argue against your position, I "live" the scientific freedom
to differ. We all start from belief and assumption -  our personal mindset
(Colin's mini-solipsism, the 1st person 'perceived reality' of each of us).

Have a good weekend

John M

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 12:02 PM, Bruno Marchal <> wrote:

>  On 22 Jan 2009, at 13:21, Kim Jones wrote:
>  Bruno,
> Have a wonderful day, sensei!
> You too, other sensei. Have you find the time to take a look on UN-16----
> UN-24 in
> After all, you know some french, isn't it? Take it easy, I will explain all
> this to you, beginning from zero. Put the document above in a easily
> accessible place (virtual or real) so that I can point on the little
> drawings there.
> Have a good week-end,
> Bruno
> >

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