But of course you would worry just as much if the clone were replaced
by a zombie...  I guess that gets back to the distinction between
first person and third person.

On Feb 11, 9:05 pm, Tom Caylor <daddycay...@msn.com> wrote:
> The effects of have clones is interesting, though, regardless of the
> "sapping strength" notion.  You would have reason to worry about being
> killed if there were clones and then a "shell game" was played with
> you being mixed up with the clones, and then all of the "yous" were
> killed except one.  All of the "yous" would have reason to worry.
> This has implications on ethics of cloning and killing clones.
> As far as measure, it seems that having a clone of you and killing one
> of you while you were asleep would be equivalent (w.r.t how much you
> should worry at least) to not having any clones and someone saying
> they were going to roll a die and if it came up odd they would kill
> you.
> Tom
> On Feb 11, 8:44 pm, Jack Mallah <jackmal...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > --- On Wed, 2/11/09, Stathis Papaioannou <stath...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > You agree that if one version of me goes to bed tonight and one version 
> > > of me wakes up tomorrow, then I should expect to wake up tomorrow. But if 
> > > extra versions of me are manufactured and run today, then switched off 
> > > when I go to sleep, then you are saying that I might not wake up tomorrow.
> > You won't know this evening if you are one of the "extra versions" or the 
> > original.  So yes, in that situation, you will probably not be around 
> > tomorrow.  Only the original will.
> > > The extra copies of me have somehow sapped my life strength.
> > Not at all.  I guess that is a joke?
> > Creating more copies, then getting rid of the same number, does not result 
> > in a net decrease in measure.  That is why the movie "The Prestige" bears 
> > no resemblance whatsoever to QS despite rumors to the contrary.
> > If you create extra copies and leave them alive, there is a net increase in 
> > measure.  That is equivalent to new people being born even if they have 
> > your memories.  This once happenned to Will Riker on Star Trek: TNG.- Hide 
> > quoted text -
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