On 23/03/2009, at 7:14 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

> And why does plant constructs altered states of consciousness
> molecules? In my opinion it has all to do with the incredibly complex
> relationships that plant have with animals, in general, and insects in
> particular. Many plants have to detract predator insects. By killing
> them, or by just smelling like, or imitating the smell of, of the
> appearance of  the worst predators of the insect (sort of lies!). But
> they must also to attract insects, feed them, and manipulate them in
> such a way that Mister plant can send its Message to Missis Plant
> which leaves at five miles from Him. You bet that with millions of
> years they knows about manipulating insects and animals, from predator
> and pollinator to consumers.

Are you saying that the psycho-active component of Salvia comandeers  
the brain-state of the "predator" and sends it on its mission to find  
Miss Salvia for purposes of pollination?

Would it be possible to examine the brain state of an insect "under  
the influence" to verify this somehow? Brilliant theory....maybe this  
somehow relates to the appearance of the mysterious female in Salvia- 
induced dysphoria in humans?



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