Bruno Marchal wrote:
> On 26 Jul 2009, at 16:52, David Nyman wrote:
>> Thanks to everyone who responded to my initial sally on dreams and
>> machines.  Naturally I have arrogated the right to plagiarise your
>> helpful comments in what follows, which is an aphoristic synthesis of
>> my understanding of the main points that have emerged thus far.  I
>> hope this will be helpful for future discussion.
>> We do not see the mind, we see *through* the mind.
>> What we see through the mind - its contents - is mind-stuff: dreams.
>> Hence dream content - i.e. whatever is capable of being present to us
>> - can't be our ontology - this would be circular (the eye can't see
>> itself).
>> So the brain (i.e. what the eye can see) can't be the mind; but the
>> intuition remains that mind and brain might be correlated by some
>> inclusive conception that would constitute our ontology: Kant's great
>> insight stands.

It's more than an intuition.  There's lots of evidence the mind and brain are 
correlated: from getting drunk, concusions, neurosurgery, mrfi,...

>> It is similarly obvious that 'identity' theories and the like are
>> non-sense: it would indeed be hard to think of two descriptions less
>> 'identical' than brain-descriptions and mind-descriptions: hence
>> again, any such identification could only be via some singular
>> correlative synthesis.
>> Hence any claim that the mind is literally identical with, or
>> 'inside', the brain can be shown to be false by the simple - if messy
>> - expedient of a scalpel; or else can be unmasked as implicitly
>> dualistic: i.e. the claim is really that 'inside' and 'outside' are
>> not merely different descriptions, but different ontologies.

That's a bit of a straw man you're refuting.  I've never heard anyone claim 
the mind is the brain.   The materialist claim is that the mind is what the 
brain does, i.e. the mind is a process.  That's implicit in COMP, the idea that 
functionally identical units can substituted for parts of your brain without 
untoward effects.


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