On 29 Jul 2009, at 19:15, David Nyman wrote:

> On 29 July, 17:32, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:
>> Gosh, David, you are a champion for the difficult questions.
> Merci maitre, but I really only meant this rhetorically!

Oh! I was a bit rhetorical myself.

> On behalf of
> the One

Here you are very rhetorical. You could even be close to being comp- 

> I assume that the cavalcade would be the preferable
> alternative.  I like your answer though.
>> don't count on any body or tierce
>> soul to give you a path
> tierce  (tîrs)
> n.
> 1. also Tierce (tîrs) or terce or Terce (tûrs) Ecclesiastical
> a. The third of the seven canonical hours. No longer in liturgical
> use.
> b. The time of day appointed for this service, usually the third hour
> after sunrise.
> 2. A measure of liquid capacity, equal to a third of a pipe, or 42
> gallons (159 liters).
> 3. Games A sequence of three cards of the same suit.
> 4. Sports The third position from which a parry or thrust can be made
> in fencing.
> 5. Music An interval of a third.
> [Middle English, from Old French, from feminine of tiers, third, from
> Latin tertius; see trei- in Indo-European roots.]
> Tierce a band or company of soldiers; a cask of wine, hence, a similar
> amount of other commodities; the third part of a thing or group of
> people or things.
> Examples: tierce of beef (a cask), 1800; of coffee berries, 1825; of
> French claret (cask), 1707; of honey (a cask), 1585; of pork (a cask),
> 1800; of soldiers (a band or company); of tobacco, 1886; of wine (a
> cask).
> Fascinating.  Is any of the above relevant to your meaning?

Apparently all of them. I guess you would not count of anybody or soul  
with 42 gallons (159 liters) liquid. All right?

In french "tierce personne" means "third party". I should have use  
"third party", but my hands did not cooperate;  when I type, they are  
too quick for my brain to follow.



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