On 28 Jul 2009, at 21:52, Brent Meeker wrote:

> Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> On 28 Jul 2009, at 13:38, David Nyman wrote:
> ...
>>> be conceived for this purpose to
>>> be 'sequentially resolving' each 'OM-programme-step'?  Indeed my
>>> understanding is that this dovetailed sequentiality is actually a  
>>> key
>>> conceptual element of COMP.
>> Not sure to see what you mean. It is a key to be sure to go through  
>> all
>> 3-OMs, with the correct (recursively invariant) redundancy (without
>> which there would indeed be no measure possible).
> What does "recursively invariant redundancy" mean?  Does it refer to  
> the fact
> that the UD will compute the same state infinitely many times?


Redundancy means here that the UD generates identical mind states  
infinitely often, in infinitely many identical and different  
histories, according to the level of description chosen, and it  
dovetails on the products of all those stories with the reals, and  
other "non computable" structure. (And this does change the first  
person views statistics).

Recursively Invariant, means here, roughly speaking that the choice of  
which particular UD you are using, does not change the internal  
views.  Be it FORTRAN, LISP, quantum topology, or Robinson Arithmetic.

If the observed physical reality is described by a quantum topology,  
or by a quantum topological universal dovetailer, then, to solve the  
mind-body problem, you have to justify quantum topology from Robinson  
Arithmetic, or any recursively isomorphic structure. To start with  
quantum topology for the universal base would not been wise (it would  
be either treachery or a very confusing methodology).

Note: There are many technical intricacies here, and AUDA is a  
technical way to bypass most of them.



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